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Client name :Dr S Cheung     (further information will be supplied upon request)

Thank you so much for presenting to our Town Hall Meeting on 25 January and 22 February 2023. Your readiness to share your experience and expertise on the topic of 2023 - A Look at the Unpredictable played a vital role in making our event a success

Client name :Mr. Ko (Taiwan)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

The time I took CEO position of the Asset Management business of a Fortune 500 MNC in Taiwan was 2005 4Q. The company was under a very pessimistic atmosphere, business slid down by 60% more and company profit down 150% more YOY, employee turnover rate was more than 40%. The only word to describe the company condition was “disaster”.

Client name :M. Man (Hong Kong)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

Linda Hon is a good friend of mine for more than 10 years.   She was introduced to me by her husband, and at first look, she gave me an impression that she was a traditional family lady.  However, as we know each other more, I gradually realise that Linda is an enthusiastic person with strong determination. 

Client name :S. Leung (Hong Kong)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

I used to work with Linda when I first set foot in the banking industry with a global bank. Her professionalism and stakeholder management skill left me a remarkable impression that training, if done properly, can create an impact to ROI.

Client name :R. Seow (Malaysia)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

Personally, I like E3 because it is an interactive and thought provoking programme. Linda’s contents don’t stop at what she delivered, she actually made me think further, re-organize my thoughts and eventually I felt enlightened.

Client name :E. Tan (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

If you want to "learn" something from Linda's course, you can't exactly get what you want. Alternately, Linda will lead you "change" your mindset during her course flow, ......

Client name :F. Chen (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

I always think that it is very lucky for me to know Linda, who is a charming lady with rich experience in the fields of business, psychology and human resources. I had several chances to attend the courses taught by her. Those courses, which, at first I thought should be hard for me to understand at that time, but turned out to be quite enlightening by Linda's explanation of vivid examples and small games.

Client name :I. Zhang (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)


Client name :H. Jin (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)


Client name :T. Wu (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)



Client name :P. Lin (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

To me, Linda is not just a coach but a mentor. She has so rich knowledge in many different areas; she was department head in several industry and she lectured at university. If you know her more she even turn her interests into a small business. From her lecture, you will feel her passion to everything she working on and her life. With those unique combination, you will get a great coach. No matter which kind of question you raise, Linda will always try her best give you a proper answer; no matter which kind of situation you faced during activity, Linda will always inspire you. She will use so many different way to teach you, guide you and inspire you. 

Client name :I. Yi (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)


Client name :T. Tu (Taiwan)      (further information will be supplied upon request)



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