Management topics do not change drastically over time. Contents, however, need to be updated constantly to stay in line with the business environment and global scenario.

One significant change in 2020 is the global lockdown and social distancing. It is not possible to attend class, seminars, conferences anymore. However, this does not mean learning has to be stopped. More and more, people are turning to cyberspace for knowledge acquisition.

As such, Wing and Wheel (Asia) Limited has come up with an extra learning channel - Video Academy.   We picked popular themes from our classes, update the contents and convert them into short videos. For our past participants, it is a good place for reviews and updates. For interested parties, hello and welcome; and this will be a good place to find out how the usual familiar topics can be viewed and explored from different angles.

All these years, we pride ourselves with designing learning contents that stimulate the mind to go beyond. We hope you will find our video offerings inspiring.

Hopefully, one day, when we have enough subscribers in any one geographic location, we will be able to host gatherings or classes for learning and networking purposes. As such, we are keeping this subscription group as a small, private group with the objective of optimising our learning capability and improving our personal/professional lives.

In time, we also hope to host live chats on ZOOM with our subscribers. Learning is best when there is interaction with like-minded learners. This is also why I want to keep this as an exclusive group instead of planting videos on public platforms with annoying advertisements that interrupt concentration.

Please click here for Linda Hon’s introductory video.

Subscription :

A subscriber’s Pay-Per-View (PPV) system has been installed.
On joining as a subscriber, you will be able to select, pay for and view the video/s of your choice. Viewing period : 24 hours.
No download available so be prepared to take notes.
Videos are categorised into three tiers -
Silver Class —> on human psychology, for example : human emotions - fear, anger, happiness, contempt, love …..
Gold Class —> on generic soft skills, for example : adult learning, communication, teamwork …
Diamond Class —> on management, for example : change management, business strategy, crisis management …
Videos are between 25-45 minutes long. They are divided into -
Overview (free-of-charge),
Basics (general view of the topic’s foundational elements)
Applications (more in-depth, longer duration and better understood after Basics have been viewed)

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