common2.jpg Screen_Shot_2017-12-09_at_10.51.05_PM.png2018 管理培训目录
  • 转变管理 Change Management Programme
  • 人才管理 Talent Management Programme
  • 前线与后台接轨管理 Front/Back Office Interface Programme
  • 领导力工作坊 Leadership Workshops
  • 高级管理人头脑风暴 Senior Management Brain-storming Sessions
  • 高难度对话培训 Difficult Conversation
  • 建立团队价值培训 Teambuilding for Value
  • 迁移项目管理 Migration Projects
  • 主管级能力培训 Supervisory Development Programme
  • 经理级能力培训 Managerial Development Programme
  • 面对转变研讨 Change Management Seminars
  • 绩效评估工作坊 Managing Performance Workshops
  • 教练培训 Train-the-Trainer
  • 指导及辅导能力培训 Coaching and Counselling
  • 销售及客户服务培训 Sales and Customer Services
  • 全品质管理训练 Total Quality Management Workshops
  • 领导力培训精华班 Accelerated Leadership Development Programmes
  • 为客户量身订制各类体验式学习 Experiential Learning at off-sites tailor-made for specific objects for numerous companies


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