Client name :P. Lin (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

To me, Linda is not just a coach but a mentor. She has so rich knowledge in many different areas; she was department head in several industry and she lectured at university. If you know her more she even turn her interests into a small business. From her lecture, you will feel her passion to everything she working on and her life. With those unique combination, you will get a great coach. No matter which kind of question you raise, Linda will always try her best give you a proper answer; no matter which kind of situation you faced during activity, Linda will always inspire you. She will use so many different way to teach you, guide you and inspire you. 

Her programme is also unique. It is not just from one management theory; it is not just several pieces of working experience; it is not based on one knowledge base. It is a combination, a programme combined her working experience, her coach skill in university and all knowledge she got. She uses a unique way to illustrate it from Macro to Micro; from past to future and from work to your life. It is not dumping some new idea you don't know into your mind. It is more like a journey she accompany with you to explore your mindset. During this journey she will remind you, inspire you. At the end, you know what you don't know. You realize your barrier in your mindset. Then you start to change. 

If you have chance to join her programme. I am highly recommend you to enjoy it.  Take this opportunity to show your passion to Linda, you will get double from her in return and you will learn triple more.

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