Client name :Mr. Ko (Taiwan)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

The time I took CEO position of the Asset Management business of a Fortune 500 MNC in Taiwan was 2005 4Q. The company was under a very pessimistic atmosphere, business slid down by 60% more and company profit down 150% more YOY, employee turnover rate was more than 40%. The only word to describe the company condition was “disaster”.

 My rescue plan for the company was senior management team mind set changing, product changing, and distribution plan changing. My past experience helped me to move the product changing and distribution changing program very smoothly but not the senior management team mind set changing. I then tried to call for help from regional office, and this was the starting point of bringing Linda Hon’s specialty to the Taiwan office and successfully changed the team.  We spent 3 years to move back to the top 5 position in the Taiwan market.

 I think successfully changing senior management team mind set requires more than a structured, off-the-shelf training program.  Tailor-made elements to reflect the needs of the business environment is indeed necessary. We are lucky to have experienced trainer – Linda Hon to help us  on this project.

 On the last of this testimonial, I just would like to express my appreciation to Linda, you really did a great job to change the team and revamp the culture of the company enabling us to achieve the goal.

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