Client name :S. Duckitt (Australia)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

I have had the privilege of understaking managment and personal development training with Linda over the past four years. Linda is the consumate professional delivering engaging, challenging and meaningful training that has provided me with invaluable knowledge within the workplace.

The ability of Linda to work the room and keep participants of all management levels actively involved is testament to her ability ensure a highly valuable training experience for all. The learning experiences, via both participatory lessons and team building / game play, are entertaining and allow you to formulate your own views to identify your business / management strenghts and weaknesses.

I frequently refer back to the training sessions in the workplace to identify how I can handle situations better or to better prepare for a challenge that is being faced.

I am truly grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Linda and the personal and professional development has provided.  


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