Client name :F. Chen (P.R.C.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

I always think that it is very lucky for me to know Linda, who is a charming lady with rich experience in the fields of business, psychology and human resources. I had several chances to attend the courses taught by her. Those courses, which, at first I thought should be hard for me to understand at that time, but turned out to be quite enlightening by Linda's explanation of vivid examples and small games.

Linda seems to have magic in herself. The magic that attracts people to follow her to go through all ups and downs she had experienced, and then to get lost in thought of the seemingly ordinary but inspiring clips of life. I'm always kidding that Linda talks too slowly and vaguely, sometimes like a miser with words. But the truth is, I take Linda as a role model that even today I keep reminding myself: think twice before speak, and be careful of the manner of speaking, do not turn respect into rudeness. By taking so many lessons from work and life, I came to realize those words' true essence. All in all, Linda is my dear friend, my business partner, and most of all, my life mentor.

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