Client name :G. Carpio (U.S.A.)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

Linda Hon has been a close mentor to our company for many years and has provided our team with executive training on a regular basis.

Many would categorize Linda as a “Corporate Trainer”, although her vast experience and knowledge can also include Business Analyst, HR Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Phycologist to her name card. What makes Linda unique is her expertise and passion about the human brain and its inner workings.  This is fundamental in business because it is the human capital that is the most valuable to any organization.  By understanding how the brain systematically works, we understand how to make better sound decisions within the work place and as well as in our personal lives.

Over the years, Linda has been able to continuously formulate updated business-themed courses for various segmented groups within our company.  She has kept our peers engaged with games, activities and stories to fully illustrate her core curriculum.  In fact, many of our staff often quote Linda’s lectures in the office or when making key business decisions.

We plan to work with Linda and her team again in the future because she is great in tailoring a program that tackles the challenges of both the current business environment as well as issues within our own company.

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