Client name :V. Ruiz (Spain)      (further information will be supplied upon request)

I had the chance to attend to Linda Hon training sessions for three consecutive years and since the first moment, she managed to catch my attention in full. I have went back to my notes of her meetings several times during these three years, as I have always found them extremely useful.

She has a unique ability to design fantastic "Learning Experiences" that compress in a few hours all the complexities that any company or employee face during every day. The way she can describe complex scenarios with easy-to-understand lectures gives you a greater perspective of the requirements and exigencies of our business and help us to sort our priorities and clear our vision when we need to make decisions.

She reads you, identifies your strengths and skills and motivates you to performance at your best.

She has definitely contributed to my career and I can't wait to have the opportunity to work with her again.

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