Michael Man


Michael Man graduated from Minnesota State University in USA with a bachelor degree and further acquired a master degree from Macquarie University of NSW, Australia.  During the past years, Michael has gained solid experience and extensive exposure in matters relating to corporate finance, company legal issues, and business negotiations such as establishment of joint venture companies, and he is currently a member of HKICPA, ASCPA and ICSA.

Michael took up a management position at CityU Enterprises Limited (“CityUE”), a university-enterprise corporation of City University of Hong Kong, 8 years ago, and had participated in a number of important business deals during his tenure with the Company.  Prior to his joining CityUE, Michael also worked for various companies handling different types of projects such as property development, silicon manufacturing, public listing etc. in places such as Tianjin, Beijing and Australia.

Michael is a self-motivated person, and he is always willing to accept challenges.  Michael started his own business in 2004 by setting up a joint venture company in Australia producing table napkins.  Currently, he has a profitable business in food industry.   In addition, Michael is also interested in providing consultancy or coaching services to corporate executives in areas such business negotiation, strategic management etc., and he has experience in conducting tutorials, and coaching the degree students of SCOPE of City University of Hong Kong.   




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