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When you care enough, when the receiver is special enough, only the best would do - a "bespoke" greeting card from ACE Crafts. If you are interested in one-of-a-kind design and 100% handmade cards for whatever occasions you have in mind, Linda Hon at ACE Crafts will take on commissioned work.  From Chinese calligraphy to Chinese painting, charcoal to water-colour painting, Western flower arrangement to ikebana, Japanese embroidery to cross-stitch, knitting to corcheting, macrame to tatting, plus general work, Linda has finally landed in the area of papercraft and now chooses to deploy all she has been learning over the years, into her card designs and production. 



In this age of instant gratification, emoji and short text, the process of actually spending efforts to come up with something unique would surely be a delightful experience for both the sender and receiver.

You can have your choice of colour themes, sentiments and so on, such that the final product truly reflects what you wish to convey.  A birthday greeting to a special client would be very different from an anniversary card to a family member.

Materials used are generally above what you would find from mass-produced ones found in retail stores.  Quality is guaranteed to meet the most exacting standards.  There is no dealer or middle-person involved so pricing is more to cover supplies and general overheads.



We do not sell anything online.  This is only a viewing gallery to showcase our products.   Pick a design you fancy, all sentiments, messages, colour tones, embellishments etc will be done up according to your specifications.

We run a commissioned business; as such, as you send in your initial email request regarding a particular design, we will forward you a questionnaire on the details of work required on the design you picked (e.g. purpose, receipient, colour tone, sentiments, special features etc).  On reviewing on finding them within our capabilities, we will send you, via email, a confirmed order with all details about the final product, delivery, total cost as well as bank payment information.The price listed here is an indication of a card based generally on the design you have chosen. Your special requests on materials or features (such as fur trims, translation of message into a different language etc) will be added on towards the final price for your order.



Introducing our latest collections for the two upcoming festive seasons.


Christmas Collection 


CNY Collection 


Floral Collection 


Inspiration Collection


Surprise Collection


Occassion Collection 


Gift Collection


Purple Collection


Embroidery M+ Collection


Corporate Collection


Commissioned Pieces


Card Details


DG Collection - Private



For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at ace@wingnwheelasia.com





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