Questions faced by individuals, as well as Human Resources and senior management when it comes to the company's most valuable assets - talented staff. Training programmes, university summer courses, annual conferences, keynote speaker sessions, technical seminars…. your talents have had it all. These talented people have contributed so much to the company while waiting in the wings, learning the ropes for the next available promotion. Yet, as they aged, are they progressing or regressing: Can these be tracked? Are there ways to help senior management make informed decisions when it comes to the pipeline?

In Talent Managent, we offer our clients unique ways of identifying, screening, selecting, assessing and, of course, managing that very special pool of human resources an organisation cannot afford to miss out on. A talent is all but a label when there is no structure to bring out the shine.


Ultimate Executive Acid Test

We design and structure real-life scenarios, for example : A day in the life of a CEO or Regional Director or Country Head. A Private Banking Relationship Manager's Day ... etc, using real-life people and background to construct simulations that is as close to the real world as one could get. 

Non-stop scenarios, played out by executives, carefully analysed and assessed on-the-spot via our customized e-platform and debriefed by multiple parties of seasoned veterans from different fields. Candidates take home a 360 degree feedback immediately afterwards. Sponsors and management get a high-level debriefing on behavious exhibited by hehaviours across the scenarios.

After 18 months of so, for tracking purposes, candidates have the option to take these scenarios again, or new ones added in, to track progress, improvement, enhancement or a definite weak spot.

Companies have the option to run this test during week-ends in own office premises or an off-site. Other than our regular scenario “menu”, we work closely with our clients to come up with crisis and high-stress scenarios that best reflect individual industry and we even invite senior management to come in and play dedicated roles.

Comments from our participants includes : “inspiring”, “unforgettable”, “humbling”, “eye-opening”, “shattering of glass ceiling”, “most valuable and practical kind of learning…. !

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